Transfer from Bharatpur Airport to Sauraha and Meghauli

If you are getting to Chitwan by flight, Bharatpur Airport is the first place you stop by for transfer around. From Airport Sauraha and Meghauli are the major touristic areas with luxury hotel accommodation and amazing  wildlife experience. Flight would be expensive but the other options are tourist bus and private car to Chitwan from Kathmandu. Chitwan lies in center  from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Lumbini and can be connected easily.

Bharatpur Airport to Sauraha (Eastern Part of National Park)

The distance from Bharatpur Airport to Sauraha is about 17 km and takes about an half hour reaching there.  The airport pickup/ drop costs NPR 5000. Applicable for renowned hotels of the areas are Sapana Village Lodge, Green Park Chitwan, Landmark Forest Park, Tharu Mahal.


Bharatpur Airport to Megauli  (Western Part of National Park)

The distance from Bharatpur Airport to Megauli is 30 km and takes about one and half hour reaching there. The airport pickup / drop costs NPR 5500 for each way and the renowned hotels of the areas are

Barahi Jungle Lodge, Meghauli Serai Chitwan National Park – A Taj Safari Lodge , Machan Country Villa



Getting along Megauli to Sauraha

The two entrance gates of Chitwan National park are about 42 km apart connected with road. And the transfer would cost NPR 5500 each way by a private car.


Before planning for Chitwan National Park

Sauraha Vs Meghauli

Sauraha– The village is the eastern gateway to the nearby and large Chitwan National Park, that protects part of the Terai-Duar savanna and grasslands eco-region.


Meghauli – The village is the western entrance of the Chitwan National Park that attracts thousands of visitors every year to explore its rich flora and fauna. The huge 25 km long community forest is another eye catching object of Meghauli

More about Sauraha and Meghauli

Suaraha is more commercial, closer to markets and cheaper. Whereas Meghauli  is bit more isolated and has a rural feel. It’s better from a nature point of view but bit more expensive. Both the areas are part of Chitwan National Park. In December 2014, Meghauli among neighboring other Villages get to merge to form Narayani Municipality. In 2016 Narayani Municipality itself get to merge into Bharatpur creating the metropolitan city of Bharatpur. Thus Meghauli became part of Chitwan National Park.


In the north and west of the protected area the Narayani-Rapti river system forms a natural boundary to human settlements. Adjacent to the east of Chitwan National Park is Parsa National Park. It contiguous in the south is Indian Boundary  (Indian Tiger Reserve Valmiki National Park.)

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