Chitwan is also one of the best recognized tourist destinations in Nepal. It is about 170 K.M. far from Kathmandu. It lies to the south of Kathmandu. There are several options of transfer to Chitwan from Kathmandu.

The various ways of Kathmandu to Chitwan transfer are:

  • Public Bus Transfer
  • Tourist Bus Transfer
  • Private Car and Jeep Transfer
  • By Flight

Here is a list of the fare of a private car and Jeep transfer to Chitwan from Kathmandu.

Kathmandu to Chitwan by Car

The actual fare of a Private car transfer from Kathmandu to Chitwan costs NPR 12250. The major point of drop or lets say tourist destination to Chitwan is Sauraha. The capacity of the car would be 5 seater including driver. But, the best comfortable experience would come when you travel with 3 persons in total excluding the drive. One at front and two at back. The car will have a separate luggage storage at the back. The price includes the fuel, road permits but does not includes 13% government tax. The car is full options and comes with great Air conditioning.

If in case you want to come back to Kathmandu the next day and want to hold the car overnight. Each overnight will cost you NPR 2500. And happy news is you don’t need to pay any extra when returning back from Chitwan to Kathmandu. Its always a great idea to hold a car if you are returning back after one or two days. But holding a car is subject to availability. Holding a car to more days lead to non-productivity, which is a loss for the owner.

You do not need to use the car for any activities in Chitwan. There will be special car for Jeep Jungle Safari in Chitwan. There are several activities you would perform in Chitwan, including Jungle activities, rafting, cultural programs, village walk, bird watching, one horned Rhino, Elephants etc.  The minimum days needed to explore Chitwan is at least 2 days. So its recommended for you to hold the car.

Kathmandu to Chitwan by Jeep or Van

When you are traveling long distance as well as if the road is muddy, gravel or off road you can book a jeep drive. The seating capacity of a Jeep would be 8 but for a comfortable and luxury drive and distance between persons next to each other, we would suggest 5 passengers. Since the road to Chitwan is not so bad, you should not be worried to travel with 8 passengers in board.

So you may want to know the cost of a Jeep transfer to Chitwan from Kathmandu as well as other activities.

What are the cost then?

There is a simple formula to calculate the cost. The base price of car is NPR 12250 so for a Jeep, simply multiply 12250 by 1.5 which will gives you 18375. The same formula is used to calculate the overnight charge as well as sightseeing. But when it comes to transfer through off road, gravel and muddy road the charge would be 25% more of total cost.

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